WordPress vs. Wordress

December 1, 2010

Welcome to WordPress Wednesday!

There always seems to be quite a lot of confusion between WordPress.com and WordPress.org. The main difference is simple and huge:

WordPress.com blogs are hosted on WordPress.com. A WordPress.org site is self hosted, meaning you host it on your own server (at your web hosting service). This means that it is part of your own site and you can do pretty much whatever you want with it.

Here is a listing of other differences:

Self Hosted WordPress Platform (WordPress.org)

9,700,000 Active Installations

  • Full Theme Support – You can use custom / commercial themes, plus all other free themes that exist. You can modify, customize, or do anything that you like with your site. Not limited.
  • Fully customizable content management system – Your self hosted wordpress site can be so much more than a blog!
  • All Plugins Allowed – Since this blog is under your control, you can upload any plugin you want on your WordPress.
  • Monthly Expense – You have to pay for your web hosting monthly. You need to pay a domain registration fee every year.
  • Ability to Sell Ads – You can sell as many ads as you want on your website. Using the self-hosted platform, you are in control.
  • Site Maintenance – You have to keep your WordPress Software & the plugins up to date with the new versions.
  • Full Control – You are your own boss when using the Self-Hosted blog. You do not have to worry about adhering to any TOS.
  • Your Own Brand – You can create your own brand using your domain name, your theme, your own favicon etc. You can also create many sub-sections such as (section.yourdomain.com)

Free WordPress.com Version

9,200,000 Active Blogs

  • Limited WordPress Themes – You are not allowed to use custom / commercial themes. Only themes that exist in the WordPress theme directory are permitted, but you cannot modify the CSS or other codes.
  • No Plugin Upload – You are not allowed to upload any custom / commercial plugins. This can limit your use of WordPress as a CMS.
  • FREE!! – You don’t have to pay a single dime, when using the free WordPress blog by WordPress.com
  • NO Ads Allowed – You are not allowed to sell ads on your site. If you wanted to make money from blogging, this is not for you.
  • No Maintenance – You do not have to worry about the upgrades. Automattic staff take care of all site maintenance.
  • No Control – You must follow their Terms of Service, or you will lose your blog. You are not your own boss.
  • Not for Brands – Free WordPress.com option is not for your brand. If you want to start a corporate blog, then you need the Self-Hosted WordPress Software.

My Pick – Self Hosted WordPress Platform

Without a doubt, this is the best choice! That is why EVERY site we build uses a self hosted version of 100% customizable WordPress installed!

Remember, it’s never too late to upgrade. It is very easy to migrate all your existing content from a WordPress.com, Blogger or Type Pad blog with a single click. I love easy.

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