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September 17, 2010

Leverage other people's content

Innovate don’t invent. So says my friend Alex Mandossian.

What I am talking about in this instance is the notion of leveraging other peoples content. I am not talking about stealing it, simply using something that already has some notoriety and leveraging it.

Check it out… Remember Siskel & Ebert’s “At the Movies”? They leveraged other people’s movies and became commentators and before long very trusted commentators. Without other people’s movies, they would have had nothing to talk about. How about TMZ or Perez Hilton… With Celebrities doing questionable things… Get my drift.

We can do the same things with our blogs. Become reporters/commentators. Just make sure that your commentary isn’t frivolous and adds value to your leverages content (and to your visitors).

The video below works as a two-fold example. Firstly, I am leveraging the power of a video that has been viewed over 700,000 times (and it’s really good too!).  I am giving my visitors something fun and something of value. (If you find this post valuable, please add a comment below).

I use use the video as a foundation for my blog post. Then I discuss it or some thoughts/ideas that the video provokes. Get it?

Secondly, the video itself is a great example of leveraging someone else’s content. DJ/Director Mike Relm, remixed some of those brilliant Old Spice response videos, added some music and voila! Now like I said before, you better back up your content with value. Mike’s remix is really excellent – if it sucked… probably not the same result. Get it?

Enjoy the video. And when you’re done, give some thought as to how you can leverage OPC (Other People’s Content) to give your readers, viewers, listeners, customers, clients added value.

Please comment and discuss below. Also if you have an AWESOME examples of this process at work, post those here to so we can all learn.

Rock On!!!

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