A Is for Amazon: The Alphabet According to Google

September 13, 2010

There are geniuses and then there’s Google. Google seems to constantly do things, invent things and implement things that makes our life easier. I’m not talking about Google Wave here, I’m talking about tools like Gmail, analytics, YouTube…

A couple of days ago Google unveiled its latest advance: search results show up as you type. I love this!. I got the idea for this post from Jeff Jarvis (Author of What Would Google Do?) who tweeted  the results of a little experiment he started. The Buzz Machine blogger typed one letter into Google and see what turned up. So, I decided to do the entire alphabet.  I’m not sure how personalized or localized this is, but I certainly got local results when I went through the alphabet.  Let us know in comments if you get anything different (and where you’re located).

Here’s my list:

  • A = Amazon
  • B = Bank of America
  • C = Craigslist
  • D = DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)
  • E = eBay
  • F = Facebook
  • G = Gmail
  • H = Hotmail
  • I = Ikea
  • J = Jet Blue
  • K = KTLA (Local Channel 5)
  • L = Lakers (No explanation needed)
  • M = MySpace
  • N = Netflix
  • O = OC Fair (Orange County Fair)
  • P = Pandora
  • Q = Quotes
  • R = Ralphs (Grocery Store)
  • S = Skype
  • T = Target
  • U = USPS
  • V = Verizon
  • W = weather (with Walmart as second)
  • X = Xbox
  • Y = Yahoo
  • Z = Zillow provides free real estate information)

Please add your results and comments below.

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