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February 4, 2008

This just in:

With the lack of new dramatic programming on TV the world has finally discovered the vast amount of video entertainment (and otherwise) available online. Or so says Daisy Whitney on TelevisionWeek (

Even if the writers strike ends this week, the genie isn’t going back into the bottle when it comes to Web video.

With an agreement looking likely to come soon in the three-month writers strike, online video experts aren’t worried that viewers who have been turning to the Internet for their entertainment fix in the last 90 days will suddenly tune out.

“The strike opened many people’s eyes to the wide range of video available on the Internet,” said Jim Louderback, CEO of Internet TV network Revision3. “It’s also going to take [television] a while to ramp back up to full production, which means even more people will find how good online video is.”

Consumer behavior already has begun to shift to the Web. Solutions Research Group recently found that in November, about 20% of Internet users watched a TV show online each week.

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