Social Video Marketing – Don’t Just Stick a Video Out and Hope That Your Work Is Done

August 12, 2011

There are some forward thinking experts who believe that social video marketing has evolved to such a degree that it has gone beyond all the principles of normal video SEO. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Both search and social have changed over the years, just like everything else changes particularly fast online. So, while video SEO is just an extension of ‘normal’ SEO, social video marketing has actually extended beyond this. Basically this technique has its own forms of marketing strategy although Search Engine Optimization is still a strong component.

Let’s take for example YouTube; this is the second largest search engine, but still with a social bent – social is a massive driving force, and users at this site are continuously searching. To be able to rank well, it is vital that a video is described correctly, so it has to have a strong title, but there is a lot more to it than that. The originator of the video also has to make sure that it will elicit comments. They need plenty of “thumbs ups” and the assurance that people are sharing in order to get the result that they want. While many people would argue that YouTube is not ‘social’ per se, marketing experts disagree quite vehemently.

Social networks such as Facebook are driving a great deal of traffic to YouTube and basically video marketing is about marketing a message. The difference being, that the message is presented by the medium of video rather than words. Disseminating a message to the largest audience possible is so important any longer, but what is important, is driving the message to a targeted audience, and this is how social video marketing makes the leap into that targeted audience. There has also been a marriage of SEO and social with Google and BING for example – looking at what ‘likes’ are taking place on Facebook, as well as Twitter re-tweets. Both of these factors as well as other important data gleaned from social sites, are influencing rankings in organic searches. Video has also already been affected by this.

As far as internet marketing strategies are concerned, video marketing is more holistic. There is already research available supporting this premise. Companies who make use of Video SEO social strategies are doing well with this strategy in the realm of eCommerce and more businesses are starting to believe strongly in the concept. Essentially it is still about best practices for publishing video and optimizing websites, by means of both search and social video.

Tactics and strategies for video marketing tell us this medium is not going away, and is not about only one component, such as the situation with SEO. It takes forethought to strategize the social video concept as a part of as business marketing plan, and it also takes follow up. There are some special considerations, but these truly are basic marketing tenets and like most marketing strategies, it also pays well to ask the right questions. Not a great deal of forethought and follow up is being seen with video marketing currently, so this mind-set has to change. Fortunately YouTube is ahead of the game and have launched a whole load of new products, so, more companies and/or small businesses are socially enabling their videos.

If we had to leave you with one very important tip – this is it: Never ignore negative comments on YouTube – always respond. The reason for this – is negative momentum grows quickly – so, respond and this takes the negativity out of the equation. Essentially – follow up. You cannot just stick a video out and hope that your work is done.

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