What Is Hootsuite?

December 14, 2010

Here is your Twitter Tuesday Tip of the Week:

HootSuite for twitter automationIn this era of too many places to post to, too many jobs to be done, and when even the most efficient mult-tasker finds there are not enough hours in the day, Hootsuite is a savior. Hootsuite is a web based application containing an entire set of tools to manage, track, analyze and schedule your social network media campaigns.

Not only does this web application let the user post to multiple social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin and more, it helps to schedule tweets and updates their status. If fans and followers should be updated about a blog update for tomorrow, the tweet or shout can be scheduled today.

Included in this amazing web based application is something called Ow.ly which is a Hootsuite tiny URL so there is no need to use another service to provide a tiny tweet friendly URL. Team and single Twitter and Facebook activities can be shown at a glance from the customizable activity page. Ow.ly URL shortener users can track all clicks through Google and see just how fans and followers reacted to posted content and hyperlinks. This can help a marketer adjust their campaigns on the based on statistics to achieve the results they want.

Hootsuite even has a browser plug-in so that one or many social network accounts can be posted to on the fly while browsing the web. Just one click and any content can be shared and all without leaving the browsing session or going to another site to post or Tweet or Shout.

When the business uses a social networking team to interact on their various media it is a simple matter to assign responsibilities and track activities using Hootsuite. There is even an iPhone app in the works to further simplify tracking results and using Hootsuite from any place the marketer can use their phone.

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