Establishing the Right Voice – A Twitter Case Study and More

July 29, 2011

When we talk about establishing the right voice from the perspective of social networking marketing, and use a specific Twitter case study as an example; we must also understand that the ‘right voice’ applies to all marketing situations. Obviously there are certain tendencies in varied directions for all marketing vehicles, but online these don’t vary much, and Twitter/Twitter users in particular, prefer a likeable, direct and genuine voice. Most social sites do!

In essence, the first thing you ask yourself, is how you want your business to look to the Twitter community, then you take it from there.

In this particular case study – Etsy is a buying and selling online marketplace for handmade goods. They hosts shops for more than 400,000 sellers and offer sellers an @etsy account. Obviously their sellers’ success is their success, so like all good hosts do, they share tips and tricks, as well as feature interesting products from sellers which are often individually highlighted.

Their Twitter strategy started in December 2007 when the @Etsy team joined this site. Initially they were unsure how to make the most of their new membership – Twitter was relatively new back then, but individual Etsy sellers soon started using the product very creatively and showing the @Etsy team, their innovations in marketing strategies. The team drew insight from this by following sellers Tweets, and was soon able to offer great hints and tips to new sellers too. This is one Twitter community which regularly comes up with truly fantastic and creative marketing ideas.

Twitter is now used to notify sellers how to share their own tips and tricks, and encourage them to do so. This is on a scale whereby Twitter alerts are more than mere RSS Feeds to their weblog. They have become convinced that Twitter Alerts provide a remarkable way of channeling collective brain power into new and even more dynamic marketing ideas.

This is a brand with a strong culture in learning insatiably from their community. They are the kind of company which actively seeks to ‘learn’ from its users/sellers. Twitter has proven to be one of the ideal catalysts for this job. They use re-tweets and monitor feedback on individual or even all 400 000 Etsy sellers – this information all arrives and can be dealt with in real time and re-tweeted. It allows methodologies such as creating focus groups, alerting followers to new and even more creative products and imparting information regarding upcoming promotions or events.

Although people new to Twitter may find it hard to comprehend that this makes a dynamic business tool, the thing is to actually use it, try it, and see – this is not just another thing to follow or ‘keep track’ of . There is only one way to find out if a marketing opportunity really works, and once Twitter starts working for you – you will get a ton more marketing bang for your bucks. There is a very definite Twitter success factor for virtually every marketing possibility, including boosting the chances of improvement and exposure for every possible career. There are tons of Twitter tips for the music and other creative industries; even how to tweet your way to a new job. The point is that this vital real time tool is a fantastic way to connect to all kinds of people. By the way, when looking for help on Twitter, here is a crucial tip – use the word “help”, it is one of Twitter’s most optimal words.

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