Car Manufacturers Turn To Twitter

December 28, 2010

Twitter Tuesday Tip of the Week:

Learning from the Big Guys on Twitter: What works for them can work for the little guy too!

Cramming anything meaningful at all about a car into 140 characters would seem difficult and particularly from major car manufacturers, but its not and people are interested. It may seem strange but big name auto manufacturers are turning to Twitter to respond to customers and reeducate them on their brands. When big companies with all the capital they need to advertise turn to a free method such as Twitter the wise small business takes heed. What works for them can work for the little guy as well.

Chevrolet has multiple Twitter accounts and Adam Denison is the official Social networking guy for Chevrolet on Twitter. Their tweeter was on hand to help answer questions and clear up misconceptions during a GM loan hearing.

The Ford company is represented by Scott Monty (@ScottMonty) and they quite frankly admit that using Twitter is part of a company PR strategy to humanize the large and almost iconic brand, Ford. Ford states they plan on expanding their Twitter presence.

GM is represented on Twitter by the name @GMblogs. The stated purpose of their presence on Twitter is to clear up consumer misconceptions about their products as well as to announce shows, events and of course to interact with customers.

Honda’s official tweeter is Alicia Jones (@Alicia_at_Honda) and she states that though Twitter is only a small part of her job that she follows up personally when she responds to tweets directed at Honda.

Although each of these car companies has a different stated strategy the most successful of all, Ford with 8,425 following and 8,494 followers show an enthusiasm for the social networking platform and an enthusiasm for cars, in particular their brand.  Bringing a true love of social networking to the table and knowledge of a product can work for the small business owner just as well as for the large company and possibly with even more success.

Can you bring your expertize to Twitter and engage your audience?

How can you do this?

Please share your ideas and comments below.

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