6 Reasons Business Owners Should Embrace Social Media

January 11, 2010


There are tons of reasons, literally tons, that you should be using social media to generate more revenue for your business. Today I’ll give you six reasons why you as a small business owner or sole proprietor should be using social media every day to effectively connect with your current potential and future customers and clients.

1. Social Media helps you establish your business online.

By using sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you not only stay connected to current customers and clients you also allow new ones to find you. Social media is a great way to introduce yourself to people who share the same interests. By engaging them on social media sites you can turn some of those people into customers and clients.

By establishing yourself online, you help establish yourself and your business as the experts in your field.

2. It’s a great way to stay connected to customers and clients.

Social media sites provide a very easy-to-use platform where you can stay connected to your current customer and client base. So what exactly do I mean by staying connected? Let’s take a look at a site like Twitter. Twitter is a site commonly referred to as a micro-blogging site, where you can post messages that have 140 words or fewer. By staying active on Twitter, posting information about your business, links to your site, links to other useful resources and even asking for customer feedback, you engage current customers and clients as well as potential future ones.

3. It’s a great way to offer coupons discounts and specials

Social media sites are one of the most inexpensive ways you can reach an extremely large audience. You can create special offers available only to those people who are connected with you online through social media sites.

I have a friend in Minneapolis who owns a coffeehouse, nearly every day on Twitter he announces daily specials, and sometimes even gives out a secret word that you have to use in order to claim the special price. Do you think you could do something like this to bring people into your store, or to have them pick up the phone and schedule an appointment for your service?

Social media is an extremely overlooked way to get people to take action and walk into your store or schedule an appointment for your service.

4. It’s that great way to receive feedback

Social media sites are great way for your customers and clients to let you know how you’re doing. On a regular basis ask your followers some of these following questions:

a. How are we doing?
b. What product or service would like to see?
c. What can we do differently or better?

By using questions like these you allow customers and clients to feel like they have a stake in your business, and to feel like they are being heard. Not only is this great customer service, but it also gives you an opportunity to learn from your current customers and clients.

5. Social media can turn your followers into an army of referrers

By engaging current and potential future customers and clients online, you actually create a network of people who will refer you to others. Staying consistent and providing your followers with valuable and helpful information you also give them the opportunity to pass that information on to their network. And the best part of this is: it’s free.

In general, people are much more likely to take an action suggested by a friend or acquaintance, than from a perfect stranger. How many times have you seen a particular movie or gone to eat at a particular restaurant because a friend suggested it? I’ll venture to guess that sometimes when a friend refers something to you they might be very excited about it. Imagine now, if you will, a perfect stranger coming up to you with that same level of excitement insisting that you go to a particular restaurant or see a particular movie. Kind of weird, right?

The same thing holds true in social media. It is important to build a level of trust. once you do, everyone you connect with on social media sites has the potential to be an avid referrer.

6. Social media can help you generate extra revenue

As I talked about numbers two and three, social media can help you drive people into your store or business, and even pick up the phone to schedule an appointment. Social media allows you to touch many people at once and by using great tools like HootSuite, where you can actually pre-schedule your social media activity. More people walk into your store or picking up the phone and scheduling an appointment equals more revenue.

If you aren’t using sites like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn as part of your consistent marketing efforts, times a wasting… Create accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and start engaging your current clients and customers as well as all those potential future once. And above all else, have fun doing it!

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