Custom Video

We will produce, film, and launch a series of 11 videos as your website introduction and as one of the most powerful marketing tools on one of the most powerful marketing platforms – YouTube. This will be accomplished in 4 steps: Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, and “The Launch”.

Pre Production

Our Producer will consult with you and help you write your website introduction video and tailor your 10 (two to five minute) video “Podcasts” to your needs and the needs of your audience.


Our professional crew will come to your business or residence to film your videos, using state of the art High Definition Video. They will help you get comfortable in front of the camera and assist you all the way through the process.

Your Website Introduction Video will appear on your home page and serve as a greeting and as a guide suggesting to your visitors exactly how best to explore your site- a friendly and useful tactic.

Your 10 “Video Podcasts”: These 10 (two to five minute) videos will be value packed and used as weekly or bi-monthly podcast releases to YouTube, your site, and at least 10 other video sites.

YouTube is the largest video sharing site to date with the most traffic and the highest amount of users making it the most powerful place to publish and market your videos.

Post Production

Our post production team will create a custom title introduction and conclusion. They will then optimize your video so that when it appears online (especially YouTube) it will be of the highest quality and clarity.

The Launch

With your 11 videos “In the Can”, we will add the 1st video to your site’s home page. At the time of your website launch (immediately, if your site is already live) we will release the 1st podcast to YouTube. If you do not already have a YouTube Channel, we will create and set this up for you.

We will optimize each video’s page, to help Google find your video podcast and help you to get a higher Google ranking for your chosen terms.*

If you have also chosen module #1, we will use the FMMG marketing plan to assist in your audience’s discovery of your video and ultimately you.

We will also set up accounts on approximately 10 addition video sites and upload each podcast to those sites as well.

Finally, we will add a blog post to your site with your podcast embedded in the post.

*Optimization on YouTube is not a guarantee of results.

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