Personalized M.A.P. – Marketing Action Plan

No matter where you are in the online marketing arena, there is always a need for expanding your knowledge base and getting back to basics. That’s what we are all about here; getting you down to basics as we give you the building blocks needed to create the foundation of a great marketing plan.

The success of your online venture depends on three things:

1. A basic understanding of how your website works
2. An understanding of all of the online resources available to you to market yourself and brand you and your business
3. A Marketing Action Plan (M.A.P.TM)

With our M.A.P.TM Service, if you already have a site, we will discuss 3 questions to assist you in creating the best marketing tool you can have.

1. What’s working now?
2. What isn’t working?
3. What you can do differently?

Using this information, we will redesign or recreate your website to match your marketing needs.  The M.A.P.TM is the foundation for creating an effective website.

If you do not have a site we will use the M.A.P.TM to flesh out what your site will look like and how it will perform for you as a clear and concise marketing tool.

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