Easy Content Creation

Easy Website Content Creation

Using our very own “Trade Secret” Method, we will help you create 20 blog posts and/or marketing articles for you in a fast, easy way. Our method will give you a ton of content in a very quick, efficient way and allow you to gather information and easily create blog posts. This will  save you time and energy while allowing you to keep your site up-to-date. We will take away the stress of having to sit down and write every single day.

Why Blog?

Be “findable” on the search engines. I’m sure you’ve already figured this out on your own, haven’t you? If you haven’t, here’s a tip: a website that is positioned well on Google, MSN, and Yahoo is like owning the food court in your local mall. It doesn’t matter which mall you’re in, or what cuisine you serve in the food court, you’re going to have ‘walk-in traffic’ and visitors coming through ‘hungry’ for what you have to offer – in droves.

WordPress makes this relatively easy. 20 targeted blog posts will feed your visitors a scrumptious meal!

Leadership through blogging. If you blog regularly and consistently, you will be able to offer added value to your readers; you’ll begin to develop a readership that likes and trusts your style, perspectives, rants, thoughts, and opinions. This is where you can build your platform for being the thought leader or expert in your specific field or market. With this leadership comes influence and power… use it wisely.

We will also take a few articles (with minimum overlap) and add to article directories like EzineArticles.com, GoArticles.com, and ArticlesBase.com.

Why add articles to Article Directories?

Boosts Your Personal and Business Credibility: Article directories boost your credibility and begin the trust cycle with your readership.

Builds Brand Equity & The Brand Called “You”: Having your articles featured in article directories builds brand equity for you, your business, and your expertise. It begins or reinforces in your customers’ and prospects’ minds what you can do for them.
More Surges in Traffic to Your Website Than Most Other Sites Can Deliver: This is caused by the ezine publishers who come to article directories throughout the year to pick up quality articles for their email newsletter or website. When your articles get picked up for reprints, you will often get a surge of traffic as your articles are introduced to their email list members or audience.

In Summary, here’s what you get with our Easy Content Creation method:
Using our “trade secret” method, we will create 20 articles extracted and posted to your blog as well as multiple articles added to major article directories with valuable backlinks to you.

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