The First Golden Key to Building a Multimillion Dollar Empire

September 8, 2006

Are you an entrepreneur that has started a business? Do you want your business to not only make a profit, but become a multimillion dollar empire? Do you have the drive and passion to push your business to the number one spot and make millions? If so, then you need to understand and implement the seven golden keys to building a multimillion dollar empire.

This article describes the first golden key to building a multimillion dollar empire and why you should apply it to your business. This information is the nuts and bolts you need to focus on. Take a hard look at your business to make absolutely certain that you are implementing this golden key.

Golden Key #1: “It’s a Game”. You have to understand and view the business world as a game. The goal is to win this game. In order to win in business situations you need to know how and when to make decisions and how to crush your competition. You can’t sit idly by and simply hope that your business will be successful. You need to take an aggressive, proactive role in your business goals and decisions.

To play a winning business game you need to possess a “can-do” attitude and want to achieve despite any obstacles that may cross your path. You need to have confidence and believe that you will succeed. You need to be able to persevere no matter what happens. Having a winning attitude is a decision that you must make and stick to.

How can you play the game and achieve the multimillion dollar profits you desire? First, strive to associate and learn from business players that have earned more money then you. You need to “follow the piles of cash” and spend time with highly successful business people. Spending time with business people that are achieving more than you are will prompt you to become competitive and try to beat them. Hence, your odds of earning more money due to this competition will be a welcome result. Remember, it is imperative to find larger piles of cash once you outgrow (or make more money) than your associates.

To win the game you need to understand that there is no such thing as second place! Second place is for losers and if you don’t win then you have to try harder. This may sound harsh, but if you want to become a multimillionaire then you have to earn first place in the business game. Plus, when you are a winner then people will be attracted to your business thus resulting in even more success.

Take this first golden key to building a multimillion dollar empire to heart and win the game!

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