Three Tips for Using Twitter to Provide Superior Customer Service

February 1, 2011

Twitter Tuesday Tip of the Week:

Provide “Real Time” Customer Service!

Twitter For Customer ServicePeople expect to be disappointed by customer service today, sadly that has been because too many businesses did not recognize the value of good customer support and a speedy reply and resolution. Unfortunately by the time they came to realize it, the damage had been done. However, for those companies who choose to break out of the mold using innovative means such as Twitter, then they can create a lasting positive impression not only on the customer they are serving but on potential customers. What follows are three examples of large companies doing amazing things with customer support on Twitter.

Provide “Real Time” Customer Service

JetBlue set about changing their image by providing superior customer support. While airlines are constantly subject to the whims of the weather and security concerns it doesn’t have to be a terminal issue for customer support. Providing real time customer service via Twitter helped JetBlue resolve complaints more quickly for stranded flyers.

Address Negative Comments

Toyota has had a lot to overcome in the past few years. They also learned an important lesson and that was to confront even negative publicity. Twitter conversations helped put a better face to a bad situation such as in the Toyota recalls. Even if the comments were negative to begin with, interacting with the customer base helped this company weather a rough PR period and begin to regain their customer loyalty.

Respond Instantly

Comcast responds instantly and personally to customer complaints. CC Chapman a renowned podcaster watching a Soccer championship game and his cable went out. Chapman blasted Comcast with a complaint on Twitter and within minutes the company had sent out a cable repairman to his house to fix the issue.  Comcast has alerts where if their services are mentioned they are notified and hence can respond in a timely fashion even if their customer service department is not contacted.

All three of these companies are in entirely different businesses with different reasons for using Twitter but all three are receiving positive customer reviews because of their superior customer support and company transparency.

What are some ways you can use Twitter for Customer Service?

Please share your ideas and comments below.d

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