Small Businesses Get Big Help With Must Have Tech, Marketing And Social Media Resources

December 30, 2010

Small Business Thursday Tip of the Week.

Get the New Year Started on the Right Foot.

Business tips for starting the New Year right!How to leverage social media to the best advantage, what are the hottest apps coming out and how can they help a small business grow and more are just some of the results from Mashable’s Year End Roundup. While time is tight for any businessperson there are some new ways to get the most out of marketing that may surprise the reader.

Skype is in the running for getting more done in less time with less money and right from the business owner’s computer.

Groupon coupons may be a way to gain customers, re-engage existing and inactive customers and naturally to help with the branding.

Networking with other small businessmen and entrepreneurs is an essential and can generate new ideas and enthusiasm on both sides.

Google accounts can generate business for the small business on a budget, it is all in the know-how. Location based Google ads can help the brick and mortar store or even better the chain store seeking to serve a customer better, knowing a customer’s history can help the store overcome complaints and provide even better service.

Seo Friendly blog posts are a necessity for promoting a site, not only must the blog have useful content, but making it attractive to the search engines is essential.

How to hire a designer or developer is a burning question since all too many new businesses fall prey to being burned or choosing the wrong designer. Along with that essential information the business owner may find they need to think out how they communicate their expectations to their designers.

Branded Mobile applications are the rage right now and some get the idea, and others just don’t “get it”. Be one of those who gets the idea without annoying the consumer.

Recruiting using the iPhone and apps can be a time saver for recruiter and even better it is portable.

One of the newest tech rages is that of accepting credit card payments on mobile devices. This can be ideal for the business that goes to the customer and where space is an issue.

This has been a year of change with many new products coming out and a lot of focus on what marketers do and how they do it. Taking a lesson from large companies that did it right, and those who failed can save the small business a lot of time and money.

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