9 Simple Steps to a Successful Facebook Event

July 3, 2008

One of the most productive things you can do on Facebook is to create an event. The numbers of Facebookers taking advantage of this great marketing tool are increasing every month. Your event could be a live event (a Business or Small Business mixer, a networking event or Seminar, etc), a teleclass or tele-seminar or even a recorded presentation. By using the Events feature to it’s fullest you can connect with huge numbers of Facebook Users. To make your event a super success follow the 9 SIMPLE steps outlined below.

  1. To set up an event, just go to your Facebook profile and click the link in the left hand navigation area that says “Events” (it’s just below the search bar in the “Applications” area). Next, look for the button on the right that reads, “Create an Event”. Click it and your good to go.
  2. On this next page you get to name your event. This is probably your most important step. You want to make the name of your event create curiosity and interest. Be clever but not too clever. The name of your event should leverage your  expertise. People want to go to an event lead by an expert! Here’s your chance to be recognized as an expert which, in turn, breeds credibility amongst your Facebook peers. **One important note: Once you name an event, IT CANNOT BE CHANGED!

    If you are using a Facebook Event to introduce your Business, Small Business, product or service, you want to make  sure that you open your event to the entire Facebook community, you never want to limit the potential attendance.

  3. List your Event Tagline, your Host’s name (that’s  you or one of your groups) and the type of event planned (you have choices like “Party”, “Causes”, “Education”  and “Meetings”). I like Education and/or Meetings.
  4. Next you’re going to add the description of your event.The Event description is  also a very valuable bit  of real estate. You want to make it brief but full of the reasons why this event MUST BE ATTENDED! List the benefits for the attendees. There are 2 things you must accomplish in this brief event description:

    1. ETR – Stands for Earn The Right – who are you and why should I listen to you.
    2. WIIFM – “What’s In It For Me” – List the benefits for the attendees. You need to provide them  with all the compelling evidence needed for  them to attend YOUR event.

  5. Make sure to fill out the rest of the required info on this page and click  the “Create Event” button.Note: If your event is a tele-class, tele-seminar or webinar, list that in the Location Field.
  6. On the next page, you will (yes, WILL) add a picture for your Event. No one is going to take you seriously and attend your event if you don’t bother to add a picture. Ask yourself: Would you?”
  7. You are given a lot of other options on this page. Most of the defaults are fine but I would disable “Photos” and “Videos”. There is no reason that I can think of to allow others to post pics or videos on your event page. We want to limit distractions.Do however, allow posted items. If you can get people engaged and talking on your Event page, you mission is nearly accomplished!
  8. Once you have uploaded your Event Picture and selected the rest of the event settings, you are ready to “Save and Continue”. (The blue button on the bottom…)
  9. The Final step is to invite ALL your friends. Make sure you send along a message and invite them to share this event with others.

That’s all there is to it. Now go have a successful event!

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