What’s New in WordPress 3

January 18, 2012

There are several notable new highlights in WordPress 3.  The best way to experience these new changes is to download and install WordPress on your own computer.  With a guide, you can go over each step as you need to and learn this version hands-on. The following information illustrates some of the many new changes to the interface of WordPress 3.

WordPress 3′s User Sign Up Interface for Setup

WordPress 3′s welcome screen has undergone a large overhaul for improved security and better functionality.  There are now choices to choose your own username and the ability to set a password.  It used to be that you were given the default username of “admin”, which was a huge security risk in all of the previous releases of WordPress.  This is simply better, as now there is not the chance of hacking into another’s account by simply choosing a taken password.  This is now solved with this new welcome screen.

WordPress 3′s New Default Theme: Twenty Ten

The Kubrick theme was always the default in previous releases, and has since been retired with the new WordPress 3 version.  The Kubrick theme is not even a part of the installation package now.

This brand new theme, Twenty Ten, has built-in support regarding themes, personalized headers, and the ability to create background modifications.  There is also support for menus built in, as well.  This is a brilliant move on WordPress’ part to provide users with enhanced functionality and security. The creators of WordPress plan on churning out a new theme each year and updating security as needed.

Personalization in WordPress 3

Personalizing the header background was something unheard of in past releases of WordPress.  In WordPress 3, you can now personalize your header directly from the administration panel.  The new Twenty Ten theme also allows users to improve their background for their post pages from the administration panel, as well.  There are many options for personalization, such as changing colors or uploading photos to set as the background.

<Theme Options>

<Custom background>

<custom header>

WordPress 3′s Simpler Navigation Menu

The exciting menus management feature is among the most anticipated and demanded highlights for WordPress end-users.  This new feature can make it easy as pie for users to include new navigation menus within their WordPress-powered blogs, as well as websites.  Coding experience is not required, as it is as simple as drag and drop to include the various drop down menus that you require.  You can include outgoing links, categories and pages in a single menu just using the navigation menu’s administration feature. This is an awesome, as well as powerful, feature to make WordPress site management increasingly easier for WordPress users.

Final Ideas on WordPress 3?s Brand New Features

It’s evident from each one of these changes that WordPress is certainly going down the path of becoming the fully-featured publishing system of the future.

There is always accommodation for improvement; however, this extensive improvement in WordPress 3 shows the actual dedication of WordPress core developers and also the WordPress community towards the world’s most popular publishing platform.


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