Contact Form 7 in WordPress

April 11, 2012

If you have understood the importance of needing a blog in today’s business savvy world, then you also probably understand that your potential clients need a means to get in touch with you.  This can easily be done by adding a contact form to your WordPress blog.  By having a contact form, other bloggers, as well as potential clients, can easily contact you with questions or comments on your content, products, or services.  The contact form adds a whole new dimension of functionality to your blog.  The following information details how you can add a contact form to your WordPress blog.

The easiest way to add a contact form to your WordPress blog is via the use of the plugin called Contact Form 7.

To begin, you will need to log in to your WordPress Dashboard.  Once you are there, you can click on the Plugins tab that is on the upper left hand side of your screen.  Then, click on the Add New button.  It will prompt you to enter a search term and you will enter Contact Form 7.  Now, click on Search Plugins.  A list of available plugins will appear, from which you will choose Contact Form 7.  Under Contact Form 7, click on the Install Now button.  It will convey another prompt, asking if you are sure of the installation, and you will click OK.  After the form has finished installing, you will need to click on the Activate Now link in order for the form to become active on your blog.  Now your Contact Form 7 is installed and activated.

Now, you need to add your contact form to a page on your blog.  The best way to do this is to add it as a separate page, usually with the title Contact Us.  You can also choose to use the About Us page, which is automatically installed when you set up your WordPress blog.  The way in which to do this will be explained below.

From your Dashboard, you will now see on the left hand side, a tab will now be there called Contact.  Click on this new tab to go to the page where you control your contact form settings.

Contact Form 1 has already been established for you.  You will see that tags and email addresses have already been inputted for you.  If you are happy with the tags and addresses that it has input, you will simply copy the text or change the text to read how you would like.  After you have successfully copied the information, you will then click on the Pages tab.

When you arrive at the Edit Pages screen, you will see the pages that you have currently installed.  From here, you can create a new page to put your contact form on, or you can use the About Us page that comes preinstalled.  For this example, we will use the About Us page.  Simply hover over that page name until you see choices that include Edit.  Then you will click on the edit button.  Edit the text there to suit your style of blog, then paste the information that you copied from the contact form into the page.  Now click on update to make your changes official.  Up at the top of the page you will see a link to View Page.  Now you have officially created your contact form for your blog, and your readers and potential clients will now be able to contact you.

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