Adding and Managing Media with the Media Tab in WordPress

May 9, 2012

The ability to add media, such as audio, video, and images, to your WordPress blog is great, as it not only adds to the functionality of your site, but it also welcomes your readers to your page.  For instance, depending on what your WordPress blog is about, you might like to be able to add music to your pages, such as if you are using the page to promote your band.  If you are a photographer, then being able to have a portfolio of your images is a great advertisement of your services.  If your business deals in technical issues, the ability to add video to your site makes it easy for your followers to follow along and learn what it is you are trying to teach.  Since adding any type of media to your WordPress site will follow the same basic guidelines, for illustration purposes, we will cover adding audio to your site.

Adding Media

It is not difficult to add any type of media to your WordPress blog site.  For audio purposes, it is easy to add mp3s, midi, and .wav music or other audio files to your site from the files saved on your computer.  The following will guide you on how to set this up.

Step 1)

Login to your WordPress Dashboard using your credentials. Open the post that you would like to add your audio to.  Next to Upload/Insert, you will see a musical note; click on that.  This opens the Add Audio window.

Step 2)

Depending on where your music files are, you will have several choices as to from where you can upload.  The most obvious choice will be to upload from your computer, as this is the box that will open.  Click on Browse and locate the file that you would like to add to your post.  Go ahead and upload the file, add a title for it, and click on Insert.  If your audio file is from the internet, click on From URL.  You will have to add the URL of the site that has the audio file.  Again, title the file and click on Insert.  If you have already uploaded your media file at another time, then it will already be in your Media Library, so simply go there and click on Insert.  Upon clicking Insert, it will be added to your post.

Managing Media

From within your Dashboard, you have an easy way of maintaining your images, video, and audio files from within your Media Library.  You can find this by clicking on the Media Tab on the left hand side of your Dashboard.  In this section, there are two selections, Library, and Add New.  If you need to upload a new file from your computer to your library, then you will click on Add New.  Whenever you have a need for a media file it will then already be in your Library, and you can simply click on it via the Properties box.

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