Adding and Managing Categories in WordPress

May 2, 2012

By adding categories to your WordPress site, you make it much more navigable to your readers, especially if you have a large number of readers that like to read a certain type of post.  For instance, if you have a self-help site, some people may want to get directly to posts on weight loss, while others may want to view your posts on anger management.  In order to set up your site so that it is more reader-friendly, you will want to learn how to use and implement the ability to set up categories on your WordPress blog.  To do this, follow the guidelines below.

Adding Categories

First, you will want to login to your WordPress site using your credentials that you used when you set up your WordPress blog.  Once you are in your Dashboard, follow the steps below to set up and implement Categories.

Step 1)

On the right hand side of your Dashboard, at the top, you will see your Publish box.  Just directly underneath that is the Categories box.  If you have never used or set up categories, there will be one category within that box called Uncategorized with a small tick box next to it.  If you have never set up categories, all of your posts will automatically default to Uncategorized.

Step 2)

If you would like, go ahead and write a short new post.  Depending on your site, it can be about anything.  This is just to get you started on writing your first categorized post.

Step 3)

Once you are finished with your post, go to the Categories box.  Click on the link at the bottom of the box that says Add New Category.

Step 4)

A text box will open.  Name your new category.  Underneath that text box will be another text box that says Parent Category.  Leave that field as is, and click on the Add New Category button.

Step 5)

That new category will appear in your categories list now with a check mark in the tick box.  If you are finished with your post, you may now click Publish, and your new post will be posted within this new category you have just set up.  You have now created your first category!

You can continue with steps 3 and 4 until you have set up as many categories as you need.  Once you are finished, you can then click on the Posts tab on the left hand side of your Dashboard.

Managing Categories

A page will open up detailing all of your current posts.  You can now open each post and categorize it as you wish, following these steps:

Step 1)

When you open each post, it will look exactly as it did when you were first writing it.

Step 2)

With your post open, go to the Categories box and place a check mark next to the Category in which you want this post to be displayed.  Then click on Publish, and your post will now be categorized in the Category in which you have chosen.

Keep following steps 1 and 2 for all of the posts you wish to now categorize.

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