Adding an Image in WordPress

June 6, 2012

Adding images to your WordPress blogs and pages can enhance your sites overall viewing appeal.  Some may not understand how easily this can be done; but, if you are working in WordPress 3 or newer, the following instructions will illustrate the ease with which you can add and upload images to your pages or right inside the blog itself.

First, you will need to login to your account with your credentials.  Once you are in your Dashboard, follow the following steps to add an image, or even a featured image, into your WordPress post.

Step 1)From your Dashboard, look at the left hand column and notice where it says Posts.  Click on Add New.

The WordPress post editor looks as simple to operate in as it truly is.  It is simply an open white area or box, and it has some small icons (tools) above it.  When you are ready to add your picture or other image, proceed to step two.

Step 2)Now, move your cursor inside the text box and hover it where you wish to place the image.  Click on the space where you wish for your image to be placed.

Step 3) Then, move your cursor to the top of the text box to where you see the words Upload/Insert.  You will now click on the small icon just to the right of those words.  Just to be sure, if you hover over this small icon, it will say Add Image or Add Picture.

Step 4) Now you will click on that icon.  A new pop-up window will open and it will say “Add media files from your computer.”

Step 5) Click on Select Files.  Browse to the file that contains your image and click Open.  It may take a few moments, but then your image will appear as a thumbnail.  If it does not appear, then your file may not be in the correct format.  You will have to choose another image.  If so, repeat this step.  If you image has uploaded successfully, then move to step 6.

Step 6)You will be given the option to name your image in the Title field.  You can also leave this blank, if you wish.

Step 7) You will be given the option to link to another page, such as another WordPress page, or an outside web address.  This is where it says Link URL.  If you do not want to link to any other pages, simply click “none,” but if you do, follow the prompts to link your image to another page.

Step 8) Next, click and set the Alignment and the Size that you want your image to be.

Step 9) Finally, you may click on either Insert into Post or Insert into Page, and the pop-up window will automatically close.

Now, your uploaded image will appear in the post that you are creating.  If you do not like its placement, you may place your cursor over the image and perform a “click and drag” to get it where you want it.  To do this simply place the cursor over the image, hold down the left mouse button, and drag the image to where you would like it to be.  Now you have your first post with an image!

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