Why Is Twitter Even As Effective As It Is?

August 23, 2011

Twitter Tuesday Tip of the Week:

Just like a little bird that never seems to stop twitting and flitting about, Twitter has been one of the most effective online tools nowadays to create any form of buzz, be it to scandalize a personality, broadcast an event, or simply let people know what you’re up to. This kind of buzz, however, has also attracted the attention of business owners seeking an inexpensive, effective, and incredibly all-encompassing mode of marketing. A lot of businesses now also make use of Twitter in their information-dissemination campaigns, as well as in promoting whatever it is that they think the consuming public should know about them.

But why and how is Twitter really effective in this manner, when it seems that there is only a specific type of demographic that patronizes it? Here is a closer look at this incredibly busy bird of a social media site:

It’s viral

No matter how you look at it, it spreads just as fast, or maybe even faster, than the common cold. News on Twitter gets spread around real fast, and to every follower a particular account can have. It is said that information exchange on Twitter is so fast, that if debates in politics were to be done on Twitter, squabbles and rows over laws would be over much faster, and politicians would actually be able to do some good in an acceptable time frame.

It’s practically everywhere

Being what it is, mainly a handy social media tool to have on your portable device, you can practically send and receive Tweets wherever you may be, for as long as there is a decent amount of mobile provider signal available to you. With the number of people who use mobile devices today, it is really no effort to reach anyone in any part of world that has Twitter.

Thumb at the speed of thought

While people may think allowing only a limited amount of characters while Tweeting is kind of handicap, it’s actually the opposite. People can now send short, succinct, and fast bits of information laden with the pertinent data on it, as fast as your thumbs can punch it on your mobile device. Never mind composing a decent sentence following all the grammars rules dictated by the King’s English, just send the needed info in understandable contractions, and you’re good.

Here’s a good sample tweet:  Find Twitter confusing? Check out these helpful tips – http://freemarketmediagroup.com

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