Using Twitter to provide dynamic and responsive customer support.

January 24, 2012

Whatever your product or service, there will be times when things go wrong or expectations are not met and it is very important on these occasions to manage your relationship with the customer.  This is where good after sales care and customer support comes in.  They are just as key to your relationship with clients as having a good product at a good price.  How you deal with things that go wrong has a big impact on the customer’s decision to become a repeat customer and how they talk about you to their friends.  Getting it right when things go wrong is one of the most important things you can do to build a good reputation for your business.

To be of help when there is a problem you need to have a dialogue with your customer.  It is essential they can easily communicate with you and that you listen and respond in a timely manner.  The methods you choose for facilitating that communication therefore must go both ways.  Digital, interactive services available through the internet and social media today can make this process much easier.  Twitter is one such service which is transforming the way companies deal with customer service, making it more personal, accessible and responsive than ever.

So why should your business use Twitter for customer support?

Low cost  - Twitter is free and it takes very little time to register.

Save time - Use your working hours more effectively as the time between Tweets can be used to do research or deal with other customers.

Track and review - You can track all mentions of your products and business on Twitter and respond to any problems or negative comments.  When you respond you will have a record of all the interaction between your business and the customer to enable you to review the complaint handling.

Tweet beep - This is a service which picks up mentions of your brand.  If your business or customer service is being discussed on Twitter your brand will be picked up and you can monitor the conversation.

To get the best from Twitter as a customer service tool you must use it effectively.  You need to make people aware that you use it, deal with Tweets swiftly, provide a good quality of response and always be honest.  Be aware that poor customer service can be magnified very rapidly with the speed of social media.  Remember Twitter is just a tool at the end of the day and should be part of a wider mix of customer contact options.  Not everyone has entered the world of tweeting so remember to have other methods for supporting customers available.  By taking this approach you will build trust in your brand and business and win loyal customers who use the Twitter community to spread the word about your good service.

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