Using Twitter in your Marketing Mix

January 10, 2012

Before incorporating Twitter into your marketing mix you need to get to know how it works.  Unless you know what you are doing it will show very quickly.  You must also make sure it adds value to your campaign and overall marketing strategy.  While it is free to join and constructing Tweets appears to be a quick and simple task, do not underestimate how much time may be needed for a Twitter campaign.   A great deal of thought and creativity needs to go into the perfect Tweet.  Take care not to construct Tweets that are overtly ‘salesy’ and may be considered ‘spammy‘.  There has been some disappointment in the marketing world about the actual conversion from twitter traffic to sales.  However if you avoid some of the main pitfalls you can use twitter as an effective tool in your marketing mix.

Since Twitter is a form of social media it is all about having fun and getting involved.

To increase your brand’s visibility via Twitter and from there increase engagement from the social media community in your products you need to be interesting and stimulate traffic through re-Tweets and ongoing conversations about your products. Use multiple tweets to build a story and use the hash tag to increase the buzz around your topics and Twitter profile.  This will build your reputation and by continuously reviewing and refining your approach using the analytical tools available you can craft a campaign which reacts swiftly to the Tweets that generate traffic and to the topics which ultimately convert Tweets into sales.

The brands which have shown to use Twitter effectively are those which have harnessed the energy and innovation of this relatively new promotional format.  VW used twitter at a Brazilian music festival to promote their Fox car.  The campaign was effective because it required the Twitter community to get involved in a treasure hunt for tickets.  This built VW’s campaign hash tag to become the top trending topic in Brazil for the length of the campaign.  Likewise Twitter has been used effectively for social campaigns such as Ben and Jerry’s Fair Tweets.  These campaigns have been carefully crafted to be fun, engaging or to tap into topics that people care about.  The most effective campaigns also combine with other social media to maximise impact in the internet community, for example VW used google maps alongside Twitter for the Brazilian Fox campaign.

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