Using Twitter for Effective Business Marketing

February 28, 2012

Twitter is a social media platform that lets users communicate with their audience through 160 character messages, called Tweets. In today’s busy world, not everybody has the time to engage with traditional marketing material but when you use Twitter it’s possible to reach thousands of people, in the same space as a text message.

Marketing through Twitter involves a different skill set from traditional activities, as a social platform it lets your audience communicate with you like never before. Better still Twitter marketing lets your market engage with your brand.

It’s important that when you define your Twitter Business Marketing strategy that you keep this in mind, so let’s have a look at some case studies of the companies that have made a real success story from their Twitter campaigns.


Jeep’s campaign was pretty complicated; their Twitter feed offered their audience clues that would lead them to other Twitter profiles to find new clues. The user had to follow the campaign through 36 different profiles to be able to win a car. It worked though, big fans of the brand enjoyed the challenge and the thought of a great prize meant that they felt they’d earned their chance to win.


Orange are a mobile phone service provider in the UK, they ran a Twitter Hashtag (a hashtag is where each tweet contains a word or phrase that starts with a hash – e.g. in this case it was #singingtweetograms) campaign. In this case their users could make an interesting tweet and if it was picked out by Orange – they had professional singers record the message and then they tweeted it back to the sender.


Levis ran a completely different type of competition; they tweeted out hints to the location of two people in a city. Once users found them, they had to ask them to take off their trousers which won them a new pair of jeans.

Canada Loves the US

The Canadian tourist board didn’t just stay online when they wanted to win over American visitors to the country. They asked Canadians to Tweet about the fun they were having in the country, and then they took the best Tweets and displayed them on interactive billboards in the US.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods have over 1.3 million followers on Twitter! That’s 1.3 million customers they interact with on a regular basis, and that’s over 150 Twitter accounts too. The company wanted their customers to talk to them about their questions and needs, and started with a general account – when they realized that people wanted specialist advice they created those channels too. So there’s a Cheese Twitter channel for folk who really like Cheese, and a Wine Twitter channel for those who want something to go with it.

The secret to a great Twitter campaign is simple, it has to capture the imagination of your followers, enable them to interact in a positive way with your brand and most of all your Twitter campaign needs to reflect your brand values – in Jeep’s case this was creativity and problem solving, for Orange it’s communication, for Levis it’s fun, and for Canada it was the people who live there and in the example of Whole Foods it was specialization to differentiate.

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