Three Tools to Improve Your Twitter Marketing

November 6, 2012

Twitter’s social media marketing offers a powerful channel to reach your target audience.  In order to make the most out of your efforts you’ll want to access a few tools that make it easier to manage your time and your marketing campaign. Otherwise Twitter can take up an enormous amount of your effort in order to be effective. Here are three of the best to make your life easier.

Manage Flitter (

Manage Flitter is the ultimate way to manage those accounts you follow that don’t follow you back on Twitter.

Twitter limits you to following only 5% more people than those that follow you at any point in time, so if you want to grow the number of people you’re engaged with, you’ll want to be able to remove those that you aren’t reaching at some point.

Manage Flitter’s free offering lets you track all your followers and determines those that aren’t following you back – these Twitter users can’t see your Tweets and are possibly a wasted opportunity for your Twitter efforts. You can use Manage Flitter, to work out how many of these users are inactive (they don’t use Twitter much or at all), how many are quiet (they rarely use Twitter) and which are active but don’t interact with you (it’s possible you might want to use a little extra effort to reach out to these people before you unfollow them).

There are also premium services which expand your understanding of the people you follow, but the basic version is always free and for many first time users it has enough functionality to improve your engagement rapidly.

Hoot Suite (

Hoot Suite is a Twitter marketer’s dream, it allows you to schedule Tweets either on an individual basis (on a free account) or on a bulk upload basis (on a monthly subscription basis).

This is very important because regular Tweeting has been shown to have a much better impact on audiences, but it’s very time consuming (a full-time job even) to do this on a per message basis, every time you want to say something.

Hoot Suite lets you work out the key messages you want to convey and then diarize them to be Tweeted when they’re most appropriate to do so.

Don’t forget that at a minimum it’s a good idea to have a useful link in every fifth Tweet, Twitter’s a social network so make sure you’re providing useful info for your readers and not just promoting your business.

Tweet Deck (

Tweet Deck is both an online and offline service (if you download and install the software) that enables you to better track the Tweets you send and receive. Twitter itself offers a fairly limited view of Tweets with little customization for searches and filters.

If you use Tweet Deck it draws in all your messages and enables you to sort them for particular keywords and phrases, as well as giving you the option to view multiple feed streams at the same time.

So if you want to make sure you respond to #complaint or #welldone! as quickly as possible it’s a great way to bring out those results and make sure you never miss an opportunity to demonstrate your value to your customers.

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