Promoted Tweets

January 17, 2012

Promoted Tweets are an advertising service offered by Twitter which enables businesses to target users with their campaign messages.  Promoted Tweets are simply normal tweets that businesses pay to have highlighted to a wider audience.  Targeting can be carried out according to several different criteria:

Timeline – get to the top of your followers’ timeline or people like your followers as a identified Promoted Tweet.

Geography - targeting of your Promoted Tweets can be aimed at a particular country or US state.

Search – Promoted Tweets are shown at the top of search lists when Twitter users type in a topic to view or for searches on their particular interests.

The advantages are that you can re-ignite interest in your brand or campaign from your existing followers and also spread your campaign message a little wider to Twitter users.  They start off as regular tweets on people’s timelines but then can be promoted to appear again and remind people of the message or initiate a fresh round of activity.  The objective it to get a conversation going and the message re-tweeted, replied to and added to user’s favourite lists. The promoted tweets are visible not just on but also on Tweetdeck and mobile apps such as Twitter for iphone or Twitter for android.

Promoted Tweets are a cost effective promotional tool as you pay only when someone re-tweets so you are only paying for direct campaign activity.  The service also enables you to gather data on your campaign and thus review and improve your Promoted Tweets. Analysis can be found via the Promoted Tweets dashboard and as this provides instant intelligence on your campaign you are able to respond very quickly to successful or unsuccessful promotions.  Twitter is now expanding it range of Promoted Products and working with the social media dashboard Hootsuite who will run Promoted Tweets in search and highlight Promoted Trends.

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