Freshen Up – use Twitter to reinvigorate interest in your brand

January 31, 2012

If you are struggling to find inspiration for marketing your brand or product sometimes the best approach is to make it fun and be positive.  Twitter gives businesses the chance to liven up their image and become a fresh, fun and funky contributor to the buzz around certain topics or conversations.  Twitter can be used very effectively by businesses as a social media based method for promoting your brand and observing the chat around your products.  As a free service where the time taken to author a Tweet is short it can be a fast and cheap way to create some buzz and reinvigorate interest in your business’ profile.

Using well timed Tweets aimed at targeted social media users can build your business reputation and help you reach a wider audience.  Use the comment, or sequence of comments to tweak people’s curiosity enough to click on  the link.  If users enjoy your comments and find them funny or stimulating they will remember your username and avatar so that the next post attracts their interest or they become a follower.  If you use an URL shortener to make your web address Tweetable then ensure it will re-Tweet properly, is considered a good option.  Keep Tweets short and worth sharing and use hashtags related to your comment.  If someone re-Tweets you keep the momentum by reTweeting them back.

Once you have some interest in your posted comments you can build the image and profile of your brand.  The next step is to convert that interest into traffic to your website and ultimately conversion to sales.  By using feedback on your brand and products from Twitter you can work out the elements of your campaign which have attracted people’s attention.  Use this to refine your campaigns and get the most from the time you put into your Tweeting.

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