Advertising through Twitter

February 7, 2012

Twitter offers a range of opportunities for building your brand or increasing awareness of your products and campaigns.  The only way for you to start to get the benefits from a presence on Twitter is to start tweeting.  The art of tweeting is to be succinct, witty or interesting and to use just a few words to most effect and most importantly you want your message to be re-Tweetable.  To maximise the re-Tweet factor do not use all your allowed characters for your Tweet. You will also need to grab your audiences attention quickly you are just one refresh away from being consign to Twitter oblivion!

By spending some time on Twitter, looking at what works for other users and playing around with different types of Tweet you can perfect your technique.  Once you have got the idea you can use Twitter to spark conversation about your brand or campaign, monitor what other people are saying about your business and to inform people when there are offers or promotions taking place.

There are a range of things to avoid if you want to take advantage of Twitter as an advertising tool.  Paradoxically the most important thing is not to appear to be selling anything!  Most social media users are turned off by obvious or overt selling.  You also need to make sure your grammar and punctuation is correct.  With so few characters available you have to use what you have to greatest effect so don’t spoil the effect with unnecessary errors.

To get your Tweet to the top of the column you can always buy your way there through Twitter’s ‘not quite advertising’ way to keep your message in front of your target audience. Promoted Products offer a range of options including Promoted Tweets where your tweet will be reposted at the top of the user‘s timeline, Promoted Trends put your Tweet at the top of trending topics column and Promoted Accounts gets you to the top of a list of who to follow.  But it will not matter what you’ve paid to get your Tweet to the top if the content has no impact.  So remember to make it fun, keep it short and create some buzz!

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