Viral Video – Twitter Marketing and Core Value to Business

March 29, 2012

By definition – Viral Video – is a video clip, most-often posted on YouTube. It can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or embedded into a website, weblog, forum or other any social network and/or web-pages. It achieves widespread distribution, by virtue of the fact of its popular appeal. Humor or wit, animals, people, music and/or animation is often used to achieve this widespread audience appeal.

Contrary to popular belief, ‘viral’ in this context is not associated with a negative meaning. It didn’t take online marketers long to realize the core value which viral video can offer to any business with an online presence. Viral video marketing can often be managed for free, and this is in complete opposition to the tenets of traditional marketing, especially in the ‘filmed’ genre. However, and this is a very big however; professionally made videos are becoming extremely popular and used as business marketing tools. And let’s face facts – the better the quality, humor, human interest story, or whatever the plot and starring players – the more successful or more ‘viral’ a video will, or should be.

There is also the fact to consider, that certain social networking sites are proving to be more successful for viral video marketing campaigns, than others. Recent data made available regarding Twitter and video, tells us that Twitter is fast becoming one of the most powerful ways to receive and distribute video referrals. Referrals from Twitter are considered to be more valuable than those received from Google; which we already believe to be the best search engine available. Online marketers in the ‘viral video’ category, should seriously have a presence on Twitter. There is certainly no reason why they should not.

Recent times have seen massive news happening with regards to video on Twitter. First of all, the updated Twitter website, allows tweets and other feeds to support embedded video. YouTube, Twitvid, Ustream, Vimeo, Brightcove and Justin.TV are all supported, or going to be supported on the new site, as are photos from Twitpic and Flickr. Anyone who uses video for business marketing or communication is going to benefit big time from rollout of the new Twitter site.

Together with this announcement, Brightcove and Tubemogul have released some rather interesting video advertising analytics in an excellent ‘joint’ quarterly report. You might like to check this out. It is in this report that we find; “Twitter is now the 2nd fastest growing discovery source of video views, growing at rate of 38.7% per month!” This rate of phenomenal growth is only behind Facebook, and way ahead of every search engine online. For brands this trend is even more pronounced, with Twitter referrals for video streams growing by 55% per month!

What is also interesting to note is the fact that the ‘actual’ percentage of referrals for video streams is the highest in Google, however, what is different in terms of Twitter referrals, is that they beat out engagement levels in all search engines including Google. Again – only Facebook is ahead in terms of engagement levels. For video to go viral, it requires an engaged audience. According to this report, the magic formula is – “Twitter-Referred Video = More Engaged Audiences”. An engaged audience generally also means pre-qualified customers. Interestingly Twitter also holds the top-spot currently for audience engagement with music videos. From this we could surmise that any Twitter viral video campaign is meaningful in a marketing context, and contains intrinsic core value for any business.

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