Use Flickr To Market Your Small Business Online

February 23, 2012

It’s easy to forget given the media attention on Twitter and Facebook that there are other ways to market your business through social media. Flickr offers an opportunity to promote your products and services through photography. While it’s not as popular as it was in its heyday, there’s much less competition on Flickr and a huge audience waiting for you to hook up with them. They want to have fun with your images and when that group likes what you do – they’ll buy from you.

Flickr is the world’s biggest photo sharing site, and you can reap the rewards of working with one of the more niche social media players and to help you get started we’ve got some tips for you.

  • Use your website address for your screen name – there’s no simpler way to get your brand associated with every image you post, whenever someone views one of your photos they’ll see your url (just drop the www. from in front of the address to create an acceptable screen name)
  • Tell the world about your business through your profile – don’t make this a huge sales pitch, social networks are about interaction and trust so they can connect with your brand, and they’re not about badgering people to buy from you at every opportunity. But do tell people clearly what you do and what you’re about in your profile.
  • Take some quality photos of your business, your people and your products and upload them. Flickr users put an emphasis on quality, and so should you – Flickr is all about photography, so use the best images at the highest resolution, and try and make them interesting – they’re not a product catalogue, more a showcase of your interests.
  • Write good descriptions of your images – this should be about the photo itself and not a pitch for business, once again it’s all about forming connections (once you have those – the business should take care of itself).
  • Use the tags function – you can add tags to an image, and if you like here you can add your website address again and relevant keywords/phrases as well as location information if you sell most to your local market. Just don’t overdo the tags; they’re not supposed to be an essay.
  • Link your website to your Flickr images – this makes sense, it offers your customers a chance to see more of your work and it creates back links to your Flickr profile, and search engines like backlinks.
  • Actively contribute to the Flickr community – the more you search for related images in Flickr and share your views and opinions (in a constructive way) the more others will want to get involved with your work. Relationships are a two way street, and this is true for all social media.

Flickr is a great opportunity for you to promote your small business online, and if you need more convincing – then it’s worth remembering that Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. all like Flickr and their image search likes to retrieve images from Flickr. It’s one more avenue to reach and most importantly engage with potential customers and that’s always a good thing.

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