Benefits of e-marketing for small businesses

February 2, 2012

The range of marketing options available to small businesses has grown enormously as a result of the emergence of e-marketing.  In addition there are many benefits for small businesses who use e-marketing effectively. Some of these include:

Wide geographic reach

The internet enables every business, no matter how small, to have a global reach.  Take care not to get too swept away – clients in Asia may seem glamorous but remember the postage costs!

Low cost

Advertising through Google Adwords and Facebook Ads is a low cost method of reaching a wide audience.  A Facebook page for your business provides a venue for customer dialogue without the need for webpages to be built and hosted.  E-mail campaigns with offers and news keep you business on your customer’s radar.  Just make sure you have the time to respond to the interest your campaigns generate.


You can also take advantage of the intelligence gathered on your customers and who, where and when they interact with your campaigns.  The analysis, available from internet based adverts, is incredibly useful for reviewing marketing campaigns and planning future ones.  It can also help you find new customers by targeting potential groups shown by the analysis to have an interest in your products.

Measure results

The best way to check the effectiveness of a campaign is through the statistics for how much interaction it has generated and how that has translated into sales.

Personalized and targeted

You can tailor your messages, offers and focus a campaign on the customers most likely to respond.  You can refine it even further to provide a personalized offer to customers based on their previous purchases, interest groups and demographics.


An e-marketing campaign makes it accessible and easy for the customer, they do not even have to leave the couch!  In just a few clicks an advert or email can direct them to your site and to making a purchase.


The best way to build good relationships with your customers is by listening to them.  If you provide the forum to tell you what they think of your service and products, then listen to their views, you can tailor your product offer, customer services and product placement to get ahead of your competitors.

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