Web Video Production – Dive Deeper Than You Think Into Social Video

March 26, 2012

Web video production is only the first step after the planning phase for viral video marketing, so, creation is only part of the task. It is a very important task, but it is also unfortunate that many small and large businesses alike come to a ‘STOP’ after a video has been created and uploaded; they then believe that they have won the battle.

While web video production and ensuring that it is great is massively important, marketers have to dig deeper than that. Creating a great video which commands social video success is the aim of the game, but is not enough if left to its own devices. There is so much video being uploaded every minute on YouTube alone, that if ‘upload/publish’ is the last step in the plan, then we contend that the plan is doomed to failure. If the video does happen to succeed, then, it will have been an exceptionally lucky success.

There are best practices for marketing and distribution, and starting with items of a general nature – the #1 best practice should be a ‘Marketing Plan’. We know this goes without saying, but sometimes people don’t listen and the obvious needs to be reiterated. Don’t wait until post production and launch to get a marketing plan in place. Key decisions on both distribution and marketing can also be determined by content. For example, deciding to upload to Vimeo is a good start for a web video production with artistic content.

A press release is essential; include this in your marketing plan. You might be surprised by how many press releases are actually read, and new videos viewed on the basis of these. Virtually any interested party who reads a press release, if it’s good, will also watch the video. Do you know why they watch the video? Because they don’t want to miss out on a single opportunity to share a brand new video online! This is the whole point of going to the extent of the web video production exercise in the first place.

Make the press release most readily available to readers, writers and viewers who feel the same way in which the content is directed. What we mean is people who appreciate great content. These people need to be identified in…you got it…the marketing plan.

As well as people who view and share, you want all the right people to write about it. There is nothing better than free publicity. Identify who these people might be. Even local media – newspapers, TV and radio count; but reach out and let them know. Even one story in a local knock-and-drop paper, can get social video action kick-started. Remember you need good matches for the intended audience.

Identify gatekeepers; these are the websites which drive video for your style or industry. We mentioned a name earlier – remember – Vimeo? You are seeking to identify large websites with huge amounts of readers. News websites such as the Huffington Post, and link-sharers such as Reddit! While it is not a simple task to get a video featured on one of these sites, with the right video content creator you might. In any case, there is certainly no harm in trying, what have you got to lose, it5 costs nothing to ask? Write this into your marketing plan. It also pays to remember, that the better the content is, the more easily it rises above stumbling blocks.

Diving deep into social video marketing, means having the right marketing plan in place before you even begin. Nothing happens without hard work and best practices are…dare we say it…proven to be the best!

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