The 1,000lb guerilla in the search engine – online marketing that works

February 27, 2012

Guerilla marketing is one of those catch phrases you’ll hear often in conjunction with online marketing, and it is important. So in order to help you make the most of this interesting and innovative strategy we’ve got some tips to help get you started.

Before you start

Remember that online – content is king. If you haven’t spent some time working on your own site, so that it offers visitors a unique experience each time they interact with your business – you’d be well advised to make sure it does before engaging in any marketing activity for it.

It doesn’t matter how many hits you get, if each new visitor takes one look at your website and then clicks off to find something more interesting, more appealing and more connected to their needs.

And Keep it Simple

Make sure your site is easy to navigate, and easy to use. And test it out on people before you put it into the live environment, if you want to sell online then you have to work online. Get feedback and when the feedback’s good – act on it.

What is Guerilla marketing?

In its simplest form Guerilla marketing is about getting your website known in as many places online as possible.  It works by delivering those results through as many means as possible, including using unconventional tactics to achieve your goals. In real terms it means that small businesses can compete with big businesses by ensuring they use every possible tactic for others to help market them.

Here are five great ways to start your guerilla marketing campaign:

  1. Share links with other websites – but stop and think before you start spamming your customers and the rest of the world.  Link sharing creates Google love, but only if it’s relevant. Think about where and what your customers want to see online, and then share with those places – quality is better than quantity and if you can combine both, you’re on your way.
  2. Ask your customer to help you out – incorporating a “tell a friend” style button can be a great way to win over new customers, particularly if you incorporate point 3 as a reward strategy for doing so
  3. Give something away – not only does everyone like free stuff, but if you can give away something cool that links to your business, you benefit and the customer benefits. From in-depth reports, to quirky video clips or baseball caps and t-shirts there’s always something you can do to brighten someone’s day. If you can afford to do it before they buy, so much the better – what better way to establish trust and confidence in your business?
  4. Create Buzz about your business – leverage key influencers in your market place, talk to prominent bloggers and offer them exclusive insights into your business, work your Facebook and social networking presences to offer interesting competitions, etc.
  5. Use every available space for marketing – such as e-mail signatures, offer a promotional opportunity with every e-mail automatically by setting up your signature to give a little extra, it’s no effort and every time you send a mail, you send an extra marketing message

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