Social Media Video – Entertain or Die Trying

October 16, 2012

It doesn’t seem to be that long ago, when anyone would watch virtually any video, as long as they received it online. However this audience has too become a sophisticated marketplace, just like everything online becomes eventually, even the sale of penis-enhancing products – believe it or not?! The point of social media video may be for marketing, but if it does not provide the dual propose of entertainment, then it is not good SEO. It is true that fantastic video content is the best SEO.

In terms of business video, producing good material has become a case of entertain or die, or at least die trying. Some businesses do however, get very lucky indeed.

Have you seen the viral video of the cyclist in the cross-country bike race in South Africa? He was hit by a buck – and we don’t mean a dollar bill – this was a massive Reedbok who hit him in the head, baled him off his bike and literally smashed in his helmet. The boy was fortunately not hurt, it made fabulous content for the manufacturer of his helmet, and the fact that Jeep was his sponsor. Jeep was emblazoned all over his cycling shirt, and the caption in the pres was suitably – “the buck stops here!” How much more perfect could it be?

Regardless of the fact that this incident was incredibly lucky event for the cyclist, the Reedbok who charged off – we think – unharmed, and the lads’ sponsors; the fact that he was being filmed by a team-mate while he cycled, shows that they were opportunistically seeking out social media video material. No-one could have envisaged just how lucky they would get in every way, because what they actually captured on film was guaranteed viral video content.

Not every business looking to make social media video gets this kind of opportunity, and it would be very hard to fake. Hell it would be hard to even conceptualize. There is a one-in – we don’t know how many million – chances of something like this taking place. So, as far as entertain or die trying is concerned; you should be getting the picture by now?!

People are picky about what they watch and they want to be entertained, even from business they are keen to support regardless of whether this is B2B, or B2C marketing.

If a video sucks, people just won’t watch it, it’s as simple as that, and they certainly won’t be caught dead sharing it for fear of being labeled, “that deadbeat in the office who always sends out crap video!” Your employees won’t watch them, not even if ordered to, and a target audience certainly won’t watch videos that suck. They would rather spend hours searching for and watching 10 second clips that entertain them.

Bearing this in mind, it is better to spend time and money finding out what social media video entertains a target audience and creating this to suit the purpose. Get a professional if necessary, because art, practice and skill is required; but it is also simple enough to research a few ‘don’t do’s’ and create the content you need.

You might have one or two people you know – or even employees who have a knack with a video camera. Because of the depth that this medium reaches today, video hobbyists and wannabe film-makers are becoming ten-a-penny, although starring cyclists and Reedbok are few and far between. For day-to-day material avant-garde talent will do, while you allow the professionals to sweat the big stuff.

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