Relationship Management

January 23, 2012

Relationship management is just as important for small and medium sized enterprises as for big corporate giants.  It is at the heart of good business, ensuring you keep your customers.  When your customers discuss dealing with your company you want the tone to be flattering as this will attract new customers and build your business’ reputation.  In the business environment where transactions have become increasingly distant and fast you can shine above your competitors by building a brand with the reputation for delivering the kind of customer relationships that demonstrate you listen, deliver an efficient service and care about after-sales support.

Relationship management, is not just about making the most of it when customer service goes well.  It is about doing things in the right way when something goes wrong.  You can build a great reputation by dealing swiftly and effectively with problems.  There are many tales of woe from customers left hanging on a support telephone line for hours waiting to be connected to someone.  Customers find it frustrating to only deal with an answering service and then have to call repeatedly to have a problem dealt with.  With the speed of communication today and the way people interact digitally it is important that your business is not targeted for poor service in an email or Facebook campaign.

To prevent problems and get the best from your reputation building efforts it is essential to have a dialogue with your customers.  Listen to what they enjoy about your service and products then find ways to enhance that.  Ask them about what they do not enjoy and find ways to improve then take this feedback and act on it.  A happy customer will come back time and again to do business with you and will tell their friends.  But an unhappy customer can inform an entire digital community in just one Tweet or email causing huge damage to your business reputation.

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