Is Pinterest the right choice for your social media marketing?

March 5, 2012

Pinterest is this year’s social media phenomenon; it was the fastest site in history to reach 10 million unique visits in a month. That means in terms of take up and user adoption Pinterest beat out both Facebook and Twitter.

So what does Pinterest do?

It allows users to essentially set up online scrapbooks in a magazine format – if you see an image or an article online you like, you “pin” it and then arrange it on your page so that viewers can learn more about your topic. It’s easy to set up and quick to maintain.

Who’s using Pinterest?

Here’s the key – at the moment the main users of Pinterest are based in the United States and they’re predominantly 24-35 year old, tech savvy, and women.  This means that if your business demographic looks like this – you have to start using Pinterest for your social media marketing, now.

So what do I need to know to make the most of Pinterest?

Firstly spend some time looking at the site, get to understand which pages and themes you like and relate to your business – and pay attention to those items that other users like too, after all it’s a social network and not just a space for you, if others like things and you feature similar ideas – it’s pretty certain they’ll like your offering too.

Then we’ve got five great tips to make the way you promote yourself on Pinterest more successful:

  1. Make your Pinterest board a miniature magazine for your clients. If you sell physical products then create photos of those products and share them, and then share other images you find online that relate to those products. If you sell services, create boards that work with those services too. (Think “inspirational quotes” or “organizational tips”).
  2. Get creative in the way you share company news, look at other brands and how they do this and then emulate the ones you like the most. But remember to keep your brand identity a key part of the way you present your news.
  3. Integrate Pinterest into your other web offerings, talk to your developers and get the “Pin it” tag added to cool images and information on your blog and website, after all it pays to encourage others to share easily when it comes to promoting your brand.
  4. Get connected with your Pinterest “Posse” – it’s a social network you need to use similar strategies to your Facebook and Twitter marketing to get people actively engaging with your brand and because Pinterest is new, there are genuine opportunities to get truly creative and go “viral” the holy grail of Internet marketers
  5. Pay attention to Pins – you should be looking at the marketing data you collect from Pinterest, if there are certain subjects that don’t form a part of your product line today but your customers are showing clear interest in, then maybe it’s time to consider adding them to your real world offering

Pinterest may be permanent or it may be temporary, it’s too early in the product life cycle to tell but while it’s hugely popular savvy marketers will want to make the most of an opportunity to target a very valuable American demographic.

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