Is it time to review your internet marketing campaign or strategy?

January 16, 2012

If you are wondering why you should consider reviewing your current digital marketing strategy then ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is digital marketing an integral part of your wider marketing strategy or has it been ‘tacked on’ to your previous marketing plans?
  • What percentage of your customers come from the internet?
  • Is your website a vehicle for processing sales or just showcasing your products?
  • What are you doing to monitor your digital campaigns?
  • How successful have previous e-marketing initiatives been and how much did they cost?

If you find you have more questions than answers in response then it may be time to review your e-marketing plans.  Most businesses will find that from time to time it is necessary to look at these factors and use their monitoring of digital campaigns to review and revise their approach.  The most successful businesses review their marketing campaigns regularly to look for new opportunities to promote their brand and raise their profile.  The benefit of many digital methods of promotion is that they have built in analytics tools to enable a very rapid assessment of the impact of your campaigns.  From this information you can build upon the foundation for your marketing efforts from the initial objectives you set for the marketing strategy.

With so much competition for customers and the wealth of websites and social media potential clients are bombarded by you cannot afford to let your website, email campaign or social media profile go stale.  Furthermore with the interactive nature of digital marketing relationships are far more personalized and ongoing so your campaign must keep the interest and energy.  Without regular review and changes to the message and tone you will soon have a community which is bored or feels that they have heard it all before.

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