Six Secrets to Successful Facebook Marketing

October 2, 2012

Facebook is a powerful channel for engaging with your customers and potential customers, but are you getting the most from the medium? Check out our six secrets of successful Facebook marketing for the inside view.

Reward Your Fans

Your Facebook Fans are your brand ambassadors, they’ve “liked” your page because they’re passionate about the things you do. So reward them for it, give them access to advance notifications on products or run fan only events in the real world which show appreciation for their caring.

Have a competition

Everybody likes to be a winner, and one of the best ways for your Facebook page to become a viral winner is to run a competition. This isn’t as straight forward as it is on your own website, and you’ll need to use a third part application to manage it – Wildfire, Shortstack, Easypromos, etc. and make sure you understand the Facebook rules for competitions:

Make your competition interesting and engaging and a way for fans to interact with your brand, for example if you run a business selling soft toys – why not have a photo contest for fans to show your toys in the most unusual locations or scenarios?

Tell a Sponsored Story

Facebook allows users all sorts of controls to block information from their day to day feeds, which means that some of your fans will block your content because they don’t find it compelling every day. This will happen to even the best Facebook marketers, but Facebook sponsored stories allow you to pay for access to feeds in your locality or for users with specific interests.

These stories can’t be blocked and if your content is interesting and engaging enough, you may win back fans and gain new ones.

Friday Fun

Facebook’s own research shows that Facebook users are happiest on Fridays. And when people are happy they want to socialize.

Why not hold an event like Twitter’s #followfriday? Give your fans some space to share what they enjoy and to promote themselves on Fridays. And by offering them a specific time to do so, you’ll cut down on them confusing your message the rest of the time.

Get Metric

Because Facebook marketing is so much fun when it’s done right, it’s easy to forget that it’s a business tool. You really need to understand your visitors and in order to do so you need to set up a brand dashboard, that measures engagement, unique visitors, new fans, fan attrition (when fans leave) and so on. Otherwise how will you know if your marketing spend on Facebook is bringing the best value? It will also give you a great clue as to what activities most energize your fans.

Redefine Your Brand as a Social Network

Social networking on sites like Facebook offers you the opportunity to interact with your customers like never before, you can get quick feedback on new ideas, products and designs and work out what really makes your core audience tick. The best marketers use Facebook and similar tools to drive business not just maintain relationships with their existing clients.

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