Get the most out of your business’ Facebook pages

January 27, 2012

Facebook is a great way to get to know your customers, if you get your engagement right, you and your business will enjoy the benefits of a dialogue with the people who hold the key to your business‘ success.


Genuinely listen to the feedback you receive on Facebook. Don’t simply use your Facebook page to make announcements or show products but genuinely interact with the people commenting and liking your profile.  If you want people to keep viewing your page you need to give them a reason to return so make it interesting for them and let them see you are interested in their comments and feedback.  By using the interactive nature of Facebook in the correct way you can make your customers feel part of an exclusive community related to your product.  You can also find out more about your customers to improve your market share and customer satisfaction.


Use your Facebook page to get feedback which can help you refine your Facebook marketing approach and also target your company and products more effectively to your customers.   You could pay a marketing company a great deal of money to carry out research for you.  However by using your Facebook site you can get direct feedback on your products and marketing campaigns.  You can also use the range of tools provided by Facebook to analyse the statistics of the people visiting your page and which postings generate the most engagement.

Make changes

Update your page regularly to adapt to current trends and keep the page interesting for return viewers.  With regular review of the different strategies you try on your Facebook page you should be able to identify what types of post increase activity on the page and ensures the page is buzzing with interest.  Engagement through the page needs to be continual and requires time to be invested in responding and monitoring the comments and content.

Keep it stimulating

Facebook is an informal marketing environment so you should make sure posts, links and pictures are stimulating and fun.  By using humour and being aware of topics trending for the demographic you are targeting you can keep the buzz around your page and ensure customers have an incentive to keep looking and contributing on your page.  It is important not to rely on too much automated posting as your community will quickly notice if you lose the “human touch”.

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