Five Great Tips for Your Facebook Marketing

February 24, 2012

A social media marketing campaign can be a great way to bring new customers to your brand. But Facebook isn’t traditional media and in order to get people to “like” and interact with your company and your content, you’ll need to try a few new techniques. In this article we’ll explore five ways to bring fans to your Facebook presence.

Incentivize People to Become a Fan

People like free stuff and surprises, and if you offer your visitors something that they can get only from your Facebook page – it will bring in potential customers better than if all you offer is a view of your page.

There’s a “reveal tab” that lets you hide your content, until someone likes your page – so why not offer a discount coupon, a free trial or even some secret information for people who are willing to “like” you?

Don’t ramble, stay focused

Your Facebook page is an extension of your business, not a collection of general trivia (well – not unless your business is writing pub quizzes). Every time you post your content should be related to your brand or your industry. This can feel a little limiting at first, but treat it as a fun challenge and get creative.

  • Find something in the news and work out a way to connect it to your brand
  • Get on Youtube or Flickr and find video or images loosely connected to your industry, humorous posts work really well
  • Engage you audience – ask them to post queries about things that relate to events or times of the year, for example
  • On really dry idea days – post updates that draw together really successful past posts on a similar theme

Ask easy questions

Research shows that if you ask your audience questions, they’ll get involved with your brand. This is true only if those questions are the right questions.

People are busy, and they can’t spend all day writing essays for you, but they’ll be only too happy to answer a question that asks for a one word answer.

Questions like; “What would be your ideal new flavor for one of our delicious ice creams?” or “What band would you most like to see play in our new theatre?”

A picture is worth a thousand words

It might be a cliché, but it’s definitely true. On Twitter people are all about the links, but on Facebook they want to see things. Always put images with your posts for maximum visual impact and edit those images so they grab the viewer’s attention (you may love your new shoes, but your audience probably doesn’t care – unless you sell shows).

Have a party!

Well not literally, but when you have something to celebrate – share it with your fans. The anniversary of a store, or an employee’s birthday can be great ways to get your community interested in your brand.

Basically if it’s an occasion you’d share in conversation with your friends, it’s perfect for your Facebook fan page.

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