Facebook is just one part of your Promotional Mix

February 3, 2012

Facebook is great fun and can be an important promotional and reputation building tool but it should not dominate your business’ marketing mix.  Facebook is great for building a dialogue with your customers and building your business’ reputation as swift to respond and good at listening.  It can also be great for creating and building the image of your brand, business or product.  However your content must match your aspirations for how you want to be viewed by your customers.  Use Facebook for the right things, have good content and build a quality dialogue with your Facebook community or you will spend lots of time and energy on a Facebook campaign with little return.

To prevent a disproportionate level of resource becoming focused on Facebook it is important to have a wider e-marketing strategy that has considered and incorporated as necessary other e-marketing methods.  Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and ‘Pay per click’ are important, as are Google adwords, Promoted Tweets and viral promotional campaigns.  These elements work best in combination, often referencing one another and linking into a wider marketing strategy.  Also remember there is no point spending valuable resources on a Facebook campaign if the basic elements of  product, price, and place have not been sufficiently considered.  A full marketing plan which considers all promotional opportunities should be in place and the value of other, non-digital promotional tools in the marketing mix should not be underestimated.

Facebook is great to use for signposting, reputation building and has many benefits not least the cost and analysis options.  When you consider costs you should include the time it takes to prepare content, interact with the Facebook community and always review the actual translation of interest in a Facebook campaign to sales generated.  Never forget the bottom line, no matter how much enjoyment you get from your digital marketing exploits.  The figures must back up the investment so it is essential to review the success of Facebook campaigns in terms of sales and income, not just clicks and traffic.  By regularly checking your approach to e-marketing and making adjustments in your campaigns as necessary you can get the most from an easy, cost effective marketing option without it dominating your time for little reward.

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