What Have You Been Watching on YouTube?

Hopefully you haven’t been doing anything on YouTube that you don’t want a federal court to find out… In it’s ongoing legal battle Viacom over copyright, a judge has ordered that Google must do the unthinkable… Google will have to turn over every record of every video watched by YouTube users, including users’ names... [Read more ⇒]

Ning and the Art of the Viral Spiral

There is a great article in the new Fast Company Magazine all about the do it yourself social network “”Ning”. The article begins by letting us in on a little secret: Here’s something you probably don’t know about the Internet: Simply by designing your product the right way, you can build a billion-dollar business from... [Read more ⇒]

The Perfect Blogger Tutorial

I have had a running argument on one of the popular search engine optimization and blogging forums about whether or not Google favors posts in its Blogger blog platform in search engine results. Now, that’s neither here nor there, what I’m going to talk about today is just how damn cool Google really is. Did you know that Blogger has... [Read more ⇒]

The “Greening” of Google

December 2, 2007 by  
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In March 2007, Google announce that they were “going greener”.  In his Ars Technica blog post, Nate Anderson wrote on March 29, 2007: Google’s commitment to “green” means that the company sources carpet and sofas made without PVC, paints without volatile organic compounds, and cafeteria food from local growers. It’s... [Read more ⇒]

Facebook: “We Have Not Been Briefed On OpenSocial”

Google may have just come out of nowhere and checkmated Facebook in the social networking power struggle. Oh really. . . MySpace and Six Apart will announce that they are joining Google’s OpenSocial initiative. Silicon Alley Insider reported the MySpace rumor earlier today. We’ve confirmed that from an independent source, as well as the fact that... [Read more ⇒]

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