Contrast in Styles – The Evolution of the Starbucks Siren

Starbucks - The Evolution of the Siren

Wednesday Small Business Bonus! A while back, I wrote about the GAP changing it’s logo and suffering a HUGE backlash online. What the GAP did was drop a bomb on their customers with no warning or no explanation. Why Should the GAP warn us? Just look at the backlash. With the advent of Social Media, it is increasingly difficult to fly under the... [Read more ⇒]

Radical Logo Redesign May Cause Consumer Resistance

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Take care when making brand change

Small Business Thursday Tip of the Week. Be careful when you make sweeping brand change and always listen to customer feedback. The internet and particularly social networking is a two edge swords for companies and gives as well as takes. While the internet lets any company reach a much larger audience it also lets groups of people band together to... [Read more ⇒]

Marketing Monday Tip: The Importance of Branding

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Welcome to the second installment of FMMG’s Marketing Monday. Today we are going to talk about Branding as your ultimate tool. Branding is your foundation, now isn’t it. Give this a moment of thought. If you don’t start at the beginning and carefully develop your brand – then exactly what are you going to market? Branding is... [Read more ⇒]

Social Media is Here to Stay (Just Ask the GAP!)

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Gap’s logo returns to blue after fans gripe about new logo online Yup, that’s the headline I just read. A new logo is a gamble. It can brighten up a company’s image — or enrage loyal customers. The Gap learned that lesson the hard way, after debuting a new logo last week that immediately touched off a customer backlash. Since... [Read more ⇒]

New Site For Master Musician Mark Andes Launched

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Spirit – I Got a Line on You Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. AudioPlayer.embed("audioplayer_1", {soundFile:"aHR0cDovL3d3dy5mcmVlbWFya2V0bWVkaWFncm91cC5jb20vaW50ZXJuZXQtbWFya2V0aW5nL2F1ZGlvL3NwaXJpdC1saW5lLm1wMw"}); Just... [Read more ⇒]

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