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With the attractive prospect of more than 800 million potential customers in the Facebook community many companies are investigating the opportunities offered by Facebook ads.  One of the advantages which attracts businesses to using Facebook ads as part of their promotional mix is the simplicity of the system.  There are also factors which make Facebook... [Read more ⇒]

Professional profiles on Facebook

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Facebook can be a very effective tool for professional networking.  Although many people choose to direct their professional networks through Linked-In there are advantages to becoming aware of the impact Facebook can have on your professional image and profile.  Most Facebook users have work colleagues and business associates listed as friends. ... [Read more ⇒]

Facebook – One Persons’ Meat Is Another Persons’ Poison

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Gefällt mir - Button, Sprechblasen, weltweit

The unbelievable growth of Facebook still continues to astound all and sundry. This is because; nobody imagined that it would catch on so fast. Basically, the bigger it grows, the faster it spreads and unfolds. The five continents are inundated with Facebook fans to their fur flung reaches. It has become impossible for anybody to ignore the potential... [Read more ⇒]

Facebook – No More Shy Guys

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The revolution that was Facebook still continues to unfold. This is because with this reliable gateway there seem to be no more shy guys on the planet. It seems that everyone is someone exotic and exciting. That is, if you go by what they say and do on their Facebook page. This begs the question, “is that a good or bad thing?” There is no clear... [Read more ⇒]

Facebook And Photos

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Facebook and Social Media

This is a topic that can fill up volumes and still not get exhausted. For reasons we may never understand, people love to take pictures of themselves in all kinds of postures and keep them for posterity. They feel that with photos they somehow become immortalized in the world of the living no matter how long they are gone. To some extent this may be... [Read more ⇒]

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