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We’re in the business of web design AND internet marketing. These two principles go hand in hand. We believe one without the other makes very little sense. Having a website with out an effective marketing strategy is like printing up business cards and NEVER handing them out. Why bother? The problem is that most web designers have no idea how to effectively market (we like to ask designers how much money they or their clients make) and internet marketers have very little design asthetic. We do both and do them well.

We are in in the business of creating a Profitable Presence on the web for our clients. Again, if this isn’t the goal, why bother. We will work with you to design and effectively market your internet business.

In addition, we can assist you with product creation. You have a much better profit margin in you are selling your own products. That being said, we can help you effectively use, affiliate marketing, blogging, article marketing and more. The posibiliities are nearly limitless. Click here to more internet marketing and web design info.

Lennie Appelquist

Lennie Appelquist is the Web Design and Technical Management arm of the FreeMarket Media Group team.

Lennie is 20 year veteran of the film business, having started as Julia Roberts’ driver on “Pretty Woman”, before moving to the Assistant Directing Department. Check the Internet Movie Database to see his resume. It was in the Spring of 1990 that Lennie discovered his calling. On a cool Spring night while filming “The Doors”, Lennie was given the task of figuring out how to get 2,500 extras through the lunch line “quickly”. His strategy worked and they all got their food in 7 minutes!

Lennie went on to work on films like Point Break, Wayne’s World and Training Day. The next step was a move to Television Commercials where he learned hands on about big money marketing campaigns. As an Assistant Director and award nominated member of the Directors Guild of America, Lennie has spent most of his adult life figuring out how to take all the elements of very complex film productions and create strategies on getting the job done on time and within budget. And when you’re talking about budgets, they could easily range to over $1,000,000 per day.

Lennie brings his strategic planning and considerable marketing skills to the Internet creating online strategies for businesses of all sizes. Feeling that businesses in general and small businesses in particular were being under-served online, Lennie created FreeMarket Media Group.

FreeMarket Media Group is an Internet development and strategic marketing company supplying cutting edge tools to businesses of all sizes. Essentially, untangling the Web for our clients.

Once you have managed car stunts on closed multiple 4-lane highways, and 1,000′s of background performers for a movie like “The Doors” you can pretty much manage anything.

Lennie is personable and easy to work with. His experience makes him someone who can handle and have no fear of any project, no matter how large or complicated. He has a unique perspective and ability to translate ideas into action steps and produce impressive results. As the CEO and chief visionary of FreeMarket Media Group, his focus is on project planning, Video and Film project production and Overall Project Design.

He has set himself apart with a design philosophy that is clean, professional and stays in keeping with a companies overall image. He also believes that Design must follow function and every design decision is made with overall site performance and optimization in mind.

Elizabeth LaPrade

Growing up in Western Massachusetts, in the small town of Easthampton, Elizabeth’s early life was all about education. With a Harvard educated Attorney as a father and the PHD Biologist for a mother, Elizabeth began her schooling on the Smith College campus, where her mother was a professor of biological sciences. Then it was off to the prestigious Williston Academy, where she studied, among other things, advanced Mathematics and Latin.

After a stint at Colby College in Maine, Elizabeth left school to try her hand at modeling in the big city. After a few years of photo shoots and fashion shows, Elizabeth was back in Maine selling Real Estate.

Next she worked her way to Florida where she worked in theater,  commercials, and on television shows like Miami Vice.

After 9 years in Florida, Elizabeth was again on the move. Ending up in New Jersey she co-founded an international training company that brought Africans to the US for training that they then brought back to their native countries.  Elizabeth traveled to Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya on numerous occasions and personally negotiated working terms and trainee recruitment with those governments.

Jumping forward to 2009, Elizabeth found herself driving across country from Massachusetts to California with a car full of her possessions and two big dogs, Pebbles and Monty, in pursuit of a new life with FMMG founder Lennie Appelquist.

It wasn’t long before Elizabeth took over all client management, the financials and the daily operations of FreeMarket Media Group. As the VP and Chief Operating Officer, Elizabeth brings not only her creative and managerial skills, but an uncanny knack for connecting with our clients on a level, that we are comfortable at saying, is unmatched in the industry.

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