WordPress: Why Use WP-PageNavi Plugin?

December 29, 2010

WordPress Wednesday Tip of the Week:

A Cooler Way to Navigate!

The fans of WP-PageNavi plugin describe it as a more advanced way of navigating pages in your WordPress blog. While advanced is nice, most bloggers care more about how it looks and what kind of experience for their readers a plugin provides.  The good news is that WP-PageNavi looks great and gives a much more finished appearance to a blog’s pages. Rather than old post, newer posts, the plugin shows a neat series of numbers so that the reader can navigate through pages with ease.

See the blog and archive navigation on this site to see Wp-PageNavi in action.

Here is the “standard” WordPress page navigation:

Wordpress plugin WP-Page Navi

Here is the after picture – the site now using Wp-Page Navi:

Wordpress plugin WP-Page Navi

Of course speaking of ease, most bloggers also prefer not to have to fight their WordPress to install a plugin and there are not many simpler plugins to install than WP-PageNavi. The blogger simply downloads the plugin, unzips and uploads to the /wp-content/plugins folder. After upload use the admin page to activate the plugin.

Many WordPress themes are incorporating WP-PageNavi in their themes so that editing is not necessary however, if the theme is not Page Navi ready, then a simple line of code can be added to the footer <?php wp_pagenavi(); ?>. Then you can configure your plugin as desired.

Note: If your current theme uses the “Previous – Next” style navigation, you will probably need to replace the code that looks something like this: <p><?php posts_nav_link(); ?></p> with the PageNavi code: <?php wp_pagenavi(); ?>

Blogging is an extremely popular means of marketing as well as a great source of information for the visitor. However, the ease of use and navigation of a blog can either help build subscribers or drive them away.  WP-PageNavi is designed to make the visitor experience, especially those browsing archives a lot easier and smoother. Content can easily be found and read and posts skipped using this navigation system, not to mention it looks much more professional. In fact this advanced navigation plugin has become so popular that the average visitor knows exactly how to use it and those interested in browsing archives will find the experience faster and smoother. This all translates to a better experience for the visitor and encourages their return.

You can install WP-PageNavi from inside your WordPress dashboard or if you want to download it to your computer, go here: WP-PageNavi

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