Why have a Blog?

September 22, 2009


Why should I Blog?

That is a question that I hear often. Here’s the answer and it’s a simple one.

If you are doing business online and you don’t have an unlimited marketing budget, blogging is the most important weapon in your arsenal.

But I use Facebook and Twitter, isn’t that enough?

A good start? Yes… Enough? No!

If you are using the Social Networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and, yes even Myspace still has it’s place) then you are off to a good start. These are your marketing outlets, your networking events, your professional mixers – all done virtually. By leveraging the social networks, you are, in essence creating multiple doors to you (read: YOUR WEBSITE). It’s like inviting guests into your virtual showroom. Problem is, if it sucks or it’s messy, disorganized, disheveled… you get the picture, they (your site visitors) won’t stick around.

How do I get them to stick around?

Create a destination. Once they get to your site – you need to corral them – and you have only moments to do this.

How do I do it?

That”s where your blog comes in (and if you”re not using WordPress, you’re crazy!). WordPress allows you to simply output great content onto your homepage. And if you are updating consistently (I’d say at least twice per week), you are giving your visitors new, up to date content. You  are actually “training” them  that you have the new, fresh (expert) info in your niche, get it?

Blog and blog well.

You want your website to be the destination.

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