Welcome to your WordPress Dashboard

December 8, 2010

Welcome to WordPress Wednesday!

This is another in the series of WordPress Tutorials in this series from RockYourWordpress. There are many more advanced features, but that isn’t the purpose of this WordPress Tutorial.

Below is a summary of what the dashboard is.

Your Dashboardl provides access to the control features of your WordPress installation. Each Administration Panel (Dashboard) is presented in sections, the header, the main navigation, the work area, and the footer.

The top portion of all Panels, the header, is featured in light shading. The header shows the name of your blog as a link to your blog’s main page, a Search Engines Blocked message if your Privacy settings block search engines, a favorites menu, and links to your profile (shown as your user name), and Log Out. Just below the top shaded area are two hanging tabs, Screen Options and contextual Help, that can be clicked to expand them.

On the left side of the screen is the main navigation menu detailing each of the administrative functions you can perform. Two expand/collapse arrows just below Dashbord and Comments allow the navigation menu to collapse to a set of icons, or expand (fly-out) to show an icon and description for each major administrative function. Within each major function, such as Posts, a pull-down arrow is presented upon hovering mouse hovers over the title area. A click of that arrow expands the menu to display each of the sub-menu choices. Clicking that arrow again collapses the sub-menu.

The large area in the middle of the screen is the work area. It is here the specific information relating to a particular navigation choice, such as adding a new post, is presented and collected.

Finally, in the footer, at the bottom of each Administration Panel in light shading, are links to WordPress, Documentation, and Feedback. In addition, the version of WordPress you have installed is shown. Just below the menu tab section, if your version is NOT the latest version, you will see the message An updated version of WordPress is available. Please update now.” Click on the provided link to navigate to the Updates SubPanel.

Each Panel, referred to as SubPanel, that is accessed via the main navigation menu, is presented in the boxes below. The links in those boxes will lead you to sections of this article describing those SubPanels. From those sections, you can navigate to articles detailing more information about each SubPanel. Also, WordPress Screenshots shows examples of all the SubPanels.

This video covers the basics of WordPress and what you’ll see immediately when you log in to your WordPress Administration.

Welcome to your WordPress Dashboard.

Rock On!

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