Three Reasons the Serious Blogger Needs WordPress Plugin: Post Ideas

January 5, 2011

WordPress Wednesday Tip of the Week:

Save your best Post ideas with WordPress “Post Ideas”!!

Blogging for pleasure or for business is an occupation that requires constant updates and a fresh flow of ideas. Most bloggers have plenty to say but unfortunately the times when ideas occur to them may not be when they need those Post Ideas most. That is when the WordPress plugin Post Ideas comes in handy, in fact it may be among the most useful WordPress tool ever for the daily blogger.

The WordPress plugin Post Ideas not only allows the blogger to save their ideas to their WordPress blog but also lets them sketch out a brief description, a working title and possible keywords. If the idea came from a link then links can be saved by the plug in and best of all the ideas can be prioritized from 1 – 99 saving the best for first. What follows are three reasons every serious blogger needs the plugin Post Ideas.

Saving ideas. Ideas don’t come on schedule but they are gold and many bloggers have lost valuable ideas by jotting them down haphazardly on post-it notes or even in a notebook. Misplace the post-it or the notebook and the idea may well be gone too. Dry spells happen and like squirrels hording nuts, the serious blogger hordes their ideas for those times when nothing comes to mind but a post must be made.

Organization of ideas. Post Ideas may come as just a few thoughts but they may be absolutely perfect, in that case the blogger can prioritize the ideas in terms of what they feel are best or most complete, and all of it is saved in the WordPress admin by the Post Ideas plugin.

Descriptions and links can be saved in Post Ideas. It is hard to jot down a link on a post-it note unless it has a tiny URL and that valuable reference can easily be lost.

The WordPress post Ideas Plugin is a great way for you to save your best ideas in a convenient place. Got any bright ideas or comments? Please share them here.

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